TORONTO, ON: Two thousand and ten rings created by 14 of Canada’s finest visual artists and jewellers make up “2010 Rings” an exhibition curated by visual artist and jeweller, the late Lily Yung.  The show opens at *new* gallery, Wednesday, September 29, 2010.  It may ask the question, “What is a ring?”

In July 2009, Lily Yung invited 13 jewellers and artists to participate in an all-rings show a year hence.  “We might even sell a few rings!” she quipped.  Though battling cancer, Lily held the helm of the show, uncomplaining, designing and making her own rings, and guiding the group towards a cooperative event in which art and jewellery combine.  She expected contrast, and asked to see work that was daring and fun.  She said she hoped for something “extreme.”   And she said, “I am sure there will be many surprises.”

After Lily’s death in August, the other ring-makers agreed that the show would proceed.  Motivation for the show evolved, as participants realized their commitment to the project had increased.  That commitment had quite a bit to do with Lily Yung. The show of thousands of rings includes a number of Lily’s own works, some of her designs on paper, and also some written tributes to her life and her enormous contribution to the craft and jewellery scene in Toronto (and in Canada).  The artists present 2010 Rings in honour of their colleague, curator and friend.

Celebrated Canadian artists and jewellers including Doug Guildford, Kai Chan, Lily Yung and silversmith, Lois Etherington Betteridge are some of the participants in this show.  Works range from traditional and contemporary goldsmithing to surprising uses of magnetism, plaster, felt and wallpaper.  The artists explore the materials and expand the ring concept, occasionally even eschewing both form and function.  Fibre (Tiana Roebuck and Kai Chan), wood (Lise Downe), plastic and found objects (Beth Alber and Pam Ritchie), ceramic (Anneke van Bommel), metal (Wing-Ki Chan, Teresa Biagi, Lori Myers and Lois Betteridge), and alternative materials (Michele Perras, Sarah Troper and Doug Guildford) all have a place in this show.  Lily Yung’s own new rings are in metal and resin.  The contrasting materials, shapes, colours and concepts will lead viewers around the gallery to see the next ingenious circle of imagination.

So, what is a ring?  Here are two thousand and ten possible answers.

For photos and information about all participants:

The ring is the thing, at *new* Gallery, 906 Queen Street West.  September 27 to October 17, 2010.

We invite Torontonians to a first look at 2010 Rings.  The opening event is Saturday, October 2 from 2 to 6 pm and a number of the artists will be present.

Photo opportunities and interviews with some of the artists are possible before and during the run of the show, at the gallery, by appointment.

Media Relations Contact:  Lori Myers  416-817-8139


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