In 2005, I invited 4 artists to participate in a 5-person show of 1001 rings inspired by late jeweller and teacher, Onno Boekhoudt. I thought it would be fun to do a show in 2010 of 2010 rings, ten artists contributing 201 rings each. I spoke with some artists and they expressed interest.

When 2009 rolled around, I’d had my fill of chemotherapy and surgeries and decided I must proceed with the project. The 1001 rings show had been a tribute to Onno Boekhoudt who was killed in a car accident. For 2010 Rings, I wanted a fun project, kind of an extreme jewellery show.

I sent a call for participation to 50 artists at various career stages, jewellers and non-jewellers. The 14 final artists are Beth Alber, Lois Betteridge, Teresa Biagi, Kai Chan, Wing-Ki Chan, Lise Downe, Doug Guildford, Lori Myers, Michele Perras, Pam Ritchie, Tiana Roebuck, Sarah Troper, Anneke van Bommel and Lily Yung.

To showcase each artist’s work properly, my stipulations were that the rings be for the fingers, that each ring be limited to a certain size and finally, the quantity of rings.

I am sure there will be many wonderful surprises.

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