Magneto Series: 1-175 For 2010 Rings, I explored relationships between impermanence & attraction. Using rare earth magnets & steel dust, these rings are always a little off kilter, unwieldy & have a life of their own. Aware of their environment, they shift their own states & shift the states of other objects (credit cards & iPods take note!).

Michele Perras is a Canadian designer & researcher focusing on relationships between design, business & technology. She is Director of the Mobile Experience Innovation Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to design leadership, applied research & innovation in Canada’s mobile industry. Over the past decade, Michele has worked with a wide range of organizations in academia, non-profit & private sectors, providing leadership, facilitation & program development.  She has spoken at international conferences on mobile and locative media, entrepreneurialism & design. Her background is in material culture & goldsmithing, & she is sessional faculty at OCAD University. She has exhibited her work nationally & internationally.

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